Find New Clients and Grow Your Digital Agency


Find Your Next Paying Client With Just 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1


Find Qualified Leads

Simply start the app, create a campaign, choose a business category, keyword, and/or location and hit enter.

Step 2

Dig Deep

Dig Deep

Find detailed information about the prospect. If the information is on the internet, Lead Finder Jack 2.0 will find it.

Step 3

Close Clients

Use AI To Close Clients

Have Hundreds of Leads Lining Up, use AI to write a custom business proposal and get paid.

Introducing Lead Finder Jack 2.0

Solves The Problem Of Finding New Clients 
which will Help Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

The Ultimate Solution To Effortlessly Generate High-Quality Leads!

  • With our proprietary Lead Filter Technology, you can easily find  the best leads from multiple sources, such as Google, Yellow Pages, Groupon, and Business Directories, without spending a fortune on paid advertising

  • Say goodbye to hours of prospecting and organizing your lists and focus on closing sales. Get access to unlimited searches to prospect 31 million Local Business Leads in the USA.  And the best part is, Lead Finder Jack 2.0 works worldwide and at any time of the day or night.

  • Our proprietary analysis solution provides in-depth information on your leads, eliminates the fear of rejection, and increases your chances of conversion.

As we speak, there are many business owners out there that are eagerly looking for someone to manage the exact services that you provide. 

However, the issue is that you need to find these businesses.

This puts you in the same boat as many local agencies and marketers who are still struggling to achieve success. 

What you require is a seamless solution that effortlessly connects you with these businesses without any hassle.

 Lead Finder Jack 2.0
Is Your Ultimate Lead Generator 

  • Struggling Local Businesses Are Looking For Your Help, But They Don't Know You Exist! That’s why we developed Lead Finder Jack 2.0. 
  • Our best programmers worked on a solution that would make it easy to connect local businesses with local marketers, and get results.
  • Our mission is to deliver effective marketing solutions for digital agencies since we know firsthand the struggle of connecting with the right local businesses to grow your Digital Agency. That is why we developed Lead Finder Jack 2.0.
  • This solution was created with you in mind... to simplify the process of connecting local businesses with local marketers like yourself, and to provide measurable and tangible results.

For Example, You Could Offer Google Business Profile Management Services.

Did You Know That Only 1% of Local Businesses
Have Claimed Their Google Business Profile?

Even with recent advancements in technology, we still find it incredible that over half of local businesses have yet to claim or optimize their Google Business Profile. By leaving their listing unclaimed, they're missing out on a TON of traffic and potential sales for their businesses.

If the Google Business Profile Listing is not claimed or optimized, the information displayed may be inaccurate or incomplete. This can lead to confusion and frustration for customers who may rely on this information to make purchasing decisions.

If the business is not actively managing its Google Business Profile Listing, it may also miss out on responding to Customer Reviews, both positive and negative. This can result in a Negative Online Reputation for the business, as customers may feel ignored or neglected.

The results of Lead Finder Jack 2.0 have been extraordinary,
and they have surpassed our expectations:

At Lead Finder Jack 2.0, we strive to continuously improve and provide our users with the best experience possible. That's why we've taken our proprietary Lead Finder Jack Technology to the next level with Version 2.0, which integrates new proprietary search sources. 

With this update, you can now access all the essential data necessary to assess whether a lead is worth pursuing, making the lead generation process more streamlined and effective than ever before.

The Following Essential Features Are Included In Lead Finder Jack 2.0


Get tons of High Paying leads for many types of businesses


Check if the Google Busines Profile Listing is claimed (huge feature!)


Shows whether a business has a website or not


Get the business name, website URL (if any), email, physical address, phone, etc.


Shows if they have a mobile-friendly site


Shows if the website ranks well


Shows what the business reputation is


Finds their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page


Unique, No-Proxies-Needed Search Algorithm.


One-Click-Download Proven, Response Generating email templates


Video Prospector Elite


Home Advisor Prospector


Rotate Between Free Email Servers


10 Proven Email Templates


Discover Google Business Profile Listing Errors Automatically (huge feature!)


And Many More Features

Let Our Proprietary Lead Finder Jack 2.0
Conduct the Research on Your Behalf.

With Lead Finder Jack 2.0, you'll instantly know which service to offer as soon as a lead appears in your search results.

Our Proprietary research will provide you with specific recommendations on the types of services that
best match each lead.

By identifying businesses in need of the exact services you provide, you can efficiently target and
cater to their specific requirements.

You Are Protected By My 30- Day Risk-Free Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee

Take Lead Finder Jack 2.0 For a 30-day Test Drive

If you are unhappy, just send an Email to my Support Desk within
30 days after purchase, and I will fully refund your purchase price.
It’s as simple as that.

Ready to take your lead generation efforts to the next level? 

Select The Lead Finder Jack 2.0 Deal You Want Below

STARTER With Trial

Lead Finder Jack 2.0 $170 Per 12 mo ($14/mo)

Plus, As A BONUS You Get ...

Bonus 1:  Exclusive Training Webinar

Get access to an exclusive training webinar that will guide you through the process of using Lead Finder Jack 2.0 effectively. Learn expert strategies and tips to maximize your lead generation and conversion rates.

Bonus 2:  Customizable Email Templates

Receive a collection of professionally designed, customizable email templates to help you reach out to your prospects with ease. Save time and increase your response rates with these proven email templates that get results.

Bonus 3:  White Label Lead Reports

Receive fully customizable and white-labeled lead reports to share with your clients, showcasing your efforts and the value you bring to their businesses. Enhance your professionalism and credibility with these ready-to-use reports.

Bonus 4:  Access to Lead Finder Jack 2.0 Private Community

Join our exclusive Lead Finder Jack 2.0 Private Community, where you'll connect with other digital agency owners and marketers who are using our platform. Share your experiences, learn from others' successes, and build a network of like-minded professionals to help you grow your business even further.

Bonus 5:  Premium Customer Support

Gain access to our premium customer support team. They can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter using Lead Finder Jack 2.0. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your success and help you get the most out of our platform.

Bonus 6:  Local SEO Mastery Course

Unlock access to our exclusive Local SEO Mastery Course that will teach you advanced strategies to help your clients rank higher on search engines. Improve your skills and offer even more value to your clients by mastering local SEO tactics that drive traffic and increase conversions.

Bonus 7:  Lifetime Updates And Upgrades

Stay ahead of the curve with lifetime updates to Lead Finder Jack 2.0. We're constantly working on improving our platform, and as a valued user, you'll always have access to the latest features and improvements included with your membership.


Q: I already have Sales Dynamite Jack; Do I Need Lead Finder Jack 2.0?

No, Lead Finder Jack 2.0 is already included in the Sales Dynamite Jack package.

Q: How does Lead Finder Jack 2.0 gather details about leads?

Lead Finder Jack 2.0 scrapes Google and all the main online directories and business listings. This allows us to get detailed business information about your prospects.

Q: Can I use Lead Finder Jack 2.0 to generate leads multiple times every day?

Yes! There is no limit to how many times you can use the Lead Finder Jack 2.0. 

Q: Can I export my leads?

Definitely. You can export contacts in a CSV file if you want to download your leads list.

Q: How many leads can be generated by using Lead Finder Jack 2.0?

As many as there are listed on Google and all the main online directories and business listings.


Lead Finder Jack 2.0