Get your leads...
...right now
Lead Finder Jack is the ultimate application to get you leads.
* All countries of the world
* Main sources like GMB, HA, Groupon
* Smart selection of cities and niches
* Dig Deep Search for extra details
Powerful Search Interface
All major searches let you select:
  • Country
  • State
  • One or more cities
  • One or more niches
Dig Deep Search
Get even more details from:
  • Company website
  • GMB
  • Several Business Directories
  • Mobile Responsive Check
  • Unclaimed Check
Company Information
Name, Address, Zipcode, City, State.
Email addresses, Phone numbers.
Website, Niches, Social Media.
And much more.
Niche Selection
Select niches based on popularity.
Create your own niche lists you can use in different searches.
City Selection
Select cities based on population.
Create your own city lists you can use in different searches.
Email Campaigns
Use proven email templates.
Automatic follow up emails.
Adapt templates to your own needs.
Informative Dashboard with the emailing status.
Local Biz Search
Select your own city and niche.
Get your own specialized leads.
Campaign Overview
Informative overview of all companies.
A vast amount of filters to zoom in on specific companies.
Start sending emails with the click of a button.